North Sea, Elbe and Weser Circuit From Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea

This 450-km-long route between the North Sea, the Elbe and the Weser offers both natural and cultural highlights. The scenery is characterised by moorland lakes, natural meandering rivers, the North Sea and the Wadden Sea – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cottongrass in the swampy Ahlenmoor The long-distance cycle path section from Cuxhaven to Bremerhaven also leads cyclists through the vast Ahlenmoor. If you want, you can visit the moor information centre here or take the moor railway.


Moors and time-honoured cities

The varied landscape, which includes the Teufelsmoor as well as other raised bog areas, is dotted with towns that are well worth exploring – among them the honourable Hanseatic Cities of Bremen and Stade, the maritime towns of Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven, the marshland town of Otterndorf, the renowned artists’ village of Worpswede and the moor villages of the Finndorf moor colony.

Suggested route for a one-day tour: 80 km from Cuxhaven to Bremerhaven 

This beautiful long-distance trail starts in Cuxhaven, Germany’s biggest seaside resort, and leads you through the charming landscape of the Hadeln region and the extensive Ahlenmoor bog with its light rail bog tour and information centre. You will pass the Flögeln Lake and Bad Bederkesa with its mud spa and its impressive castle dating back to the 14th century. Cycling through the geest lowlands you finally reach Bremerhaven on the North Sea.

In a nutshell 

  • Length of route: 450 kilometres in total
  • Sights: Hanseatic towns Bremen and Stade • maritime cities • rivers • lakes • Teufelsmoor • Huvenhoopsmoor • Ahrensmoor • River Wümme, River Hamme, River Oste and River Elbe • Moorkieker (guided bog tours)
  • Trail conditions: The route largely comprises low-traffic, improved roads leading through scenic landscapes.
  • Signage: The entire trail is signposted with the 'Vom Teufelsmoor zum Wattenmeer' logo.
  • Special features: Moorexpress train service between Bremen and Stade • peat barge tours on the River Hamme and River Wümme

GPX data, maps, information and free brochures: 

Stade Tourismus-GmbH
Hansestraße 16 · 21682 Stade
Phone: +49 41 41 40 91 70 
Stade Tourism | From Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea


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