Long-distance cycle routes

Die Elbe bei Boizenburg
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Get on your bike! The Hamburg metropolitan region's long-distance cycle routes

Ride along the Elberadweg Cycle Path by the Elbe, along the Baltic Sea coast, across the Lüneburg Heath or from Hanseatic city to Hanseatic city - everyone will find their favourite cycle route in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

Exploring cultural landscapes

A wooden bank in the woodlands, with a chapel in background, hidden among the trees.
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Tracing Christian History

Monks’ Trail

On this almost 1,000-km-long route, you can follow in the steps of the monks who brought Christianity to Northern Germany in the Middle Ages.

Cyclist looking at a map with blooming rape field in background.
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Scenic Former Cattle Track

Historic Oxen Trail

This 245km-long track provides cyclists with scenic views and insights on nature and cultural history in Northern Germany and Denmark.

Cyclists in front of a Melkhüs milk house
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From Elbe to Weser

Hamburg-Bremen Cycle Route

This 151-kilometre route between the Elbe and Weser rivers leads you through the countryside typical of Northern Germany.

A group of cyclists in front of the Uelzen Hundertwasser train station
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50 Leisure and Racing Routes

ADFC RadReiseRegion Uelzen

Discover the RadReiseRegion Uelzen with its three main cycle routes and a total run of more than 900 kilometres.

Two cyclists standing in front of an information point along a path in the woods.
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Cycle Along Railway Lines

BahnRadWege Stormarn

Riding your bike along decommissioned railway lines, you will discover the scenic Stormarn landscape and the industrial beauty of days gone by.

Two cyclists riding their bikes through the blooming heath.
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From Leinebergland to Hamburg

Leine-Heath Cycle Route

This 413km-long cycle route connects the smooth hills and streams of the heath with historic towns and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


Along the sea and lakes

Facade of Ludwigslust Palace
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From Lakes to Castles

Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route

Cyclists will encounter picturesque vistas, four nature reserves and magnificent castles on the 640 kilometres route between Lüneburg and Wolgast.

Cyclists on a North Sea dune with beach chairs
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Across Seven Countries

North Sea Cycle Route

The approximately 6,000-kilometer North Sea Cycle Route also leads through the Hamburg metropolitan region. Cycle from Cuxland to Hamburg!

Boats in Wismar's old port
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From Heiligenhafen to Flensburg

Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Cycle over 1100 kilometers past traditional fishing villages and fashionable seaside resorts, always with a view of the Baltic Sea.

Boats moored at a jetty on Lake Ratzeburg
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Nature and History

Hamburg-Rügen Cycle Route

Cycle the 520 kilometers from northern Germany's largest city to Germany's largest island through national parks, biosphere reserves and historical places.

Cottongrass in the swampy Ahlenmoor
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North Sea, Elbe and Weser Circuit

From Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea

Wetland lakes, rivers and tidal flats define this 450-kilometre-long circuit.


Meandering along the river

A family of cyclist next to a quiet stream with windmill in background
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Comfortable Heath Trip

Aller Cycle Route

In the Aller-Leine-Tal valley, the only premium cycle route of the Lüneburg Heath combines the best conditions for cycling the region with spectacular views.

Cyclists crossing the river Oste with the Prahnfähre Gräpel
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Passing Scenic Villages

German Ferries Route with Oste Cycle Route

The German Ferries Route links up Northern Germany’s main waterways: Kieler Förde, the Kiel Canal, the Niederelbe and the Oste.

Peaceful and scenic landscape by the river Luhe.
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Across Heath and Geest

Luhe Cycle Route

Meandering with the River Luhe through scenic heath and geest landscapes. This 58km-long route traces the stream from its source to its outlet into the Ilmenau.

Water mill with wooden breastshot wheel
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Along the Heath Brook

Seeve Cycle Route

The 92km-long Seeve Cycle Route offers natural and cultural attractions and runs in three loops from Wehlen in the Lüneburg Heath to Over on the River Elbe.

A young couple of cyclists with wide river in background
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Exploring Hanseatic Cities

Elbe Cycle Route

One of the most popular cycle routes in Germany, this 1260km-long route passes many maritime landmarks in the Hamburg metropolitan region and the Altes Land.

Aerial view of the Kiel Canal at Brunsbüttel
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From Brunsbüttel to Kiel

Kiel Canal Route

Cycle across the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein while exploring technology, cultural history and nature along the way: The Kiel Canal Route is about 325 kilometres long.

A couple of cyclists with blooming heath landscape in background
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Circuit with Scenic Variety

Wümme Cycle Route

The Wümme Cycle Route connects the Lüneburg Heath to the City of Bremen. Cyclists can explore meadowy countryside, bogs and swamps, heath and woodland areas.


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Alle Radfernwege auf Deutsch

Radfahrer und Wasserwanderer am Fluss mit Wassermühle im Hintergrund
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Radfahren im Norden

Auf dem Elberadweg, entlang der Ostseeküste, quer durch die Lüneburger Heide oder von Hansestadt zu Hansestadt – in der Metropolregion Hamburg findet ein Jeder seine Lieblingsradroute.

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