Comfortable Heath Trip Aller Cycle Route

This premium cycle route through the Lüneburg Heath offers excellent conditions for an enjoyable discovery tour through the region. Only a few years ago, the Aller Cycle Route would have been an insider tip.

A family of cyclist next to a quiet stream with windmill in background Along the Aller Cycle Route, cyclists pass many old windmills, farms and half-timbered houses. 

Popular Cycle Route in Northern Germany

Underneath Pine and Willow Trees

Today, the 328-km-trail is among the most popular stretches in Northern Germany. Following alongside the River Aller, the route provides ample opportunities for exploration and discovery. This cycle route does not really boast its assets – rather, it lets you come to rest amidst meadows, pastures and pine forests.

Suggested route for a one-day tour: 54 km round trip starting from Schwarmstedt 

Begin your journey in Schwarmstedt with its beautiful St Laurentius Church. From here you pass through varied forest and meadow landscapes all the way to Gilten, where you can relax at the fully functional Bothmer Mühle. Your route then leads you via Hadernsdorf to Marklendorf, where a true highlight awaits you: Two historic locks that are fully accessible and still in operation today – the ideal place to take a breather before embarking on your journey back to Schwarmstedt.

In a nutshell 

  • Length of route: 328 kilometres in total
  • Sights: Aller Leine Valley • South Heath • Drömling • Flechtingen Hills • meadows • pastures • pine forests • historic farms • half-timbered houses • mills
  • Trail conditions: The trail largely runs along level grounds.
  • Signage: The entire trail is signposted with the 'Aller-Radweg' logo.
  • Special features: Cyclist-friendly accommodation • bicycle service stations • bike and e-bike rental • historic light railway train from Verden to Stemmen • e-bike charging stations

GPX data, maps, information and free brochures:  

Tourismusregion Aller-Leine-Tal
Am Markt 1 · 29690 Schwarmstedt
Phone: +49 50 71 86 88​​​​​​​
More information: Aller-Leine-Tal (in German) | Aller-Leine-Tal-Navigator (in German) | Aller Cycle Route

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